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2021/02/2618:17:23class-diagramA chapter of class-diagram
17:49:11component-diagramA chapter of component-diagram
2021/02/2417:54:24nwdiagGrouping nodes
17:53:35nwdiagUsing OpenIconic
13:26:44linkUpgrading note (about Links and Hyperlinks)
08:16:17xmiXML Metadata Interchange (XMI)
07:19:43nwdiagChange width of the networks
07:07:01nwdiagAdd title, caption, header, footer or legend on network diagram
07:06:20gantt-diagramAdd title, header, footer, caption or legend on gantt diagram
06:48:12nwdiagPeer networks
06:46:09nwdiagSame nodes on more than two networks
04:30:17nwdiagUsing OpenIconic
02:56:39nwdiagUsing Sprites
02:10:15nwdiagExtended Syntax (for network or group)
01:30:39nwdiagDefine multiple addresses
01:30:22nwdiagSimple diagram
01:26:11nwdiagNetwork diagram (nwdiag)
2021/02/2321:23:17nwdiagOther internal networks
21:14:32nwdiagGrouping nodes
17:12:26object-diagramDefinition of objects
16:35:11linkLinks in arrow (or Hyperlinks in link or connection)
13:18:27mindmap-diagramWord Wrap
13:17:05mindmap-diagramChanging style
13:13:17mindmap-diagramRemoving box
13:10:27object-diagramMap table or associative array
13:05:38object-diagramAssociations objects
12:56:16syntax-markdownUML diagrams

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