== JQuery integration Imagine that you could directly use PlantUML source code into HTML, something like: And that will display this: @startuml class foo @enduml This would be nice. Well, using http://jquery.com/[JQuery] library, this will work. You just have to use the following header in your html file: ---- ---- The 3 files `+jquery.js+`, `+jquery_plantuml.js+` and `+rawdeflate.js+` have to be available on your server. == How does it works? There is nothing magic here: * http://jquery.com/[JQuery] simply parses the html source file on loading, * Then all `+uml+` descriptions are transformed into links to http://www.plantuml.com[plantuml.com] site. (like for link::code-javascript-asynchronous[Javascript integration].) And you can http://sourceforge.net/projects/plantuml/files/jquery_plantuml.zip/download[download the complete package here]. == 完整的源码实例 ----