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Sequence Diagram
Basic examples
Declaring participant
Use non-letters in participants
Message to Self
Text alignment
Change arrow style
Change arrow color
Message sequence numbering
Page Title, Header and Footer
Splitting diagrams
Grouping message
Secondary group label
Notes on messages
Some other notes
Changing notes shape [hnote, rnote]
Note over all participants [across]
Several notes aligned at the same level [/]
Creole and HTML
Divider or separator
Text wrapping
Lifeline Activation and Destruction
Participant creation
Shortcut syntax for activation, deactivation, creation
Incoming and outgoing messages
Short arrows for incoming and outgoing messages
Anchors and Duration
Stereotypes and Spots
More information on titles
Participants encompass
Removing Foot Boxes
Changing padding
Appendix: Examples of all arrow type
Specific SkinParameter
Hide unlinked participant
Color a group message

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