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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What's the goal of PlantUML?
How long do the images generated by PlantUML Server live for?
It does not work on my config!
Which version of Graphviz should I use?
Is this mature? I don't see any new release?
How to know if a new release is available?
I have an error message with the Eclipse Plugin.
I want to generate huge diagrams!
I have issues with accented characters.
I have issues with Asian characters.
How to generate EPS?
What about XMI?
Is @startuml needed in with -pipe flag?
Under which license is PlantUML distributed?
I don't like GPL!
Are images generated by PlantUML covered by the GPL/LGPL/ASL/EPL/MIT license?
Can I redistribute the LGPL binary file PlantUML.jar and if there any constraints about it?
What is the license of the PlantUML syntax?
What does EmptySvgException mean?
Could not initialize class net.sourceforge.plantuml.ugraphic.UFont
I have a message complaining about X11 or headless!
I have an UnsatisfiedLinkError under Mac OS X!
PlantUML scripts are grabbing keyboard/window focus!
I found an issue, but I cannot provide my diagram showing the issue because my diagram contains confidential data
I have a question that is not here!

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