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## JSON strings

### JSON two-character escape sequence

"**legend**: character name": ["**two-character escape sequence**", "example (beetwen 'a' and 'b')"],
"quotation mark character (U+0022)": ["\\\"", "a\"b"],
"reverse solidus character (U+005C)": ["\\\\", "a\\b"],
"solidus character (U+002F)": ["\\\/", "a\/b"],
"backspace character (U+0008)": ["\\b", "a\bb"],
"form feed character (U+000C)": ["\\f", "a\fb"],
"line feed character (U+000A)": ["\\n", "a\nb"],
"carriage return character (U+000D)": ["\\r", "a\rb"],
"character tabulation character (U+0009)": ["\\t", "a\tb"]

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