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===== Compression result =====

The following diagram:

skinparam backgroundColor #EEEBDC
skinparam handwritten true

skinparam sequenceArrowColor DeepSkyBlue
skinparam sequenceActorBorderColor DeepSkyBlue
skinparam sequenceLifeLineBorderColor blue
skinparam sequenceLifeLineBackgroundColor #A9DCDF
skinparam sequenceParticipantBorderColor DeepSkyBlue
skinparam sequenceParticipantBackgroundColor DodgerBlue
skinparam sequenceParticipantFontName Impact
skinparam sequenceParticipantFontSize 17
skinparam sequenceParticipantFontColor #A9DCDF
skinparam sequenceActorBackgroundColor aqua
skinparam sequenceActorFontColor DeepSkyBlue
skinparam sequenceActorFontSize 17
skinparam sequenceActorFontName Aapex

actor User
participant "First Class" as ParticipantA
participant "Second Class" as ParticipantB
participant "Last Class" as ParticipantC

User -> ParticipantA: DoWork
activate ParticipantA

ParticipantA -> ParticipantB: Create Request
activate ParticipantB

ParticipantB -> ParticipantC: DoWork
activate ParticipantC
ParticipantC --> ParticipantB: WorkDone
destroy ParticipantC

ParticipantB --> ParticipantA: Request Created
deactivate ParticipantB

ParticipantA --> User: Done
deactivate ParticipantA

is compressed to a [[|428 string length using Deflate]]

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