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== Java Integration API
If you use PlantUML as a library, you can use the `+StatsUtils.getStats()+` methods that return a `+Stats+` object with all datas.

You can retrieve it to use it as you wish.

Here is a short class diagram about this API:

class StatsUtil {
{static} +Stats getStats()
interface Stats {
+StatsTable getLastSessions()
+StatsTable getCurrentSessionByDiagramType()
+StatsTable getCurrentSessionByFormat()
+StatsTable getAllByDiagramType()
+StatsTable getAllByFormat()
StatsUtil -> Stats: build
Stats o--> "5" StatsTable: contains
enum StatsColumn {
interface StatsTable {
+ Collection<StatsColumn> getColumnHeaders()
+ List<StatsLine> getLines()
StatsTable o-> StatsColumn: headers
StatsTable *--> StatsLine: contains
interface StatsLine {
interface StatsLine {
+Collection<StatsColumn> getColumnHeaders()
+Object getValue(StatsColumn column)
StatsLine o--> StatsColumn: headers

__Implementation note:__ The storage of historical data are provided through the[Preference API].

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