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== 統計情報の有効化
* link::command-line[コマンドライン]の`+-enablestats+`フラグ
* link::ant-task[Antタスク]の`+enablestats="true"+`設定
* 環境変数の`+PLANTUML_STATS+`を`+true+`に設定
* Javaコードから`+OptionFlags.getInstance().setEnableStats(true)+`を呼ぶ
== Enable statistics
By default, statistics generation is __disabled__ in PlantUML. If you want to enable statistic generation, you can either:
* Use `+-enablestats+` flag in the link::command-line[command line]
* Use `+enablestats="true"+` setting with the link::ant-task[ANT task]
* Globally set the environment variable `+PLANTUML_STATS+` to `+true+`
* Call `+OptionFlags.getInstance().setEnableStats(true)+` from your Java code
Thoses statistics are very general. The goal is to measure PlantUML usage and performance and not to spy on users.
When statistics generation is on, a message is printed within the license to inform users about this.

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