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In an attempt to improve PlantUML documentation...
Please do not use this website for your own diagrams.
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We are thinking about a slightly new way of creating PlantUML documentation.

This is an attempt to replace the existing Dokuwiki site.

Right now, this website is still under test. At some point, the existing wiki will be imported here.

We have decided to support several syntaxes of wikis. Right now you can use:

And you can Vote for your syntax!

Each user can really use whatever he prefers: the wiki convert user's contributions on the fly.

Your Help Needed!

It's really easy for people to contribute doc additions and fixes using their favorite syntax. Most of the important Wanted Features (initially discussed at the plantuml Documentation project) are now implemented, and the PlantUML team will be adding more.

So now it's time for the community to step up and to help documenting this wonderful program better! Here is how you can help:

Recommendation and Best practice

  • Avoid to put style on title (no raw, italic or bold...)

Wanted Features

  • Fully anonymous access: you won't have to create an account to edit contents
  • Advanced SPAM protection: we use branches when people edit content, so spam contributions will not have to be cancelled, they will just be never merged and we won't even have to delete them.
  • Automatic page creation: just go to
  • Possibility that each contributor uses its favorite wiki syntax.
    : asciidoc, dokuwiki, markdown
  • Duplication of plantuml code
    : shows as source and as diagram
  • Automatic generation of PlantUML diagrams
    : see next section
  • Possibility to create named user/login for serious contributors
  • PDF generation through LaTeX
  • Automatic consistence between translated versions
  • Automatic synchronization with some GitHub repository
  • Automatic TOC/site map on the alphadoc site
  • Automatic TOC/site map on the final site (not only on this alphadoc site)
  • Sync to/from web site
  • Link checking
  • Ability to Update title/desc*
    (currently gives exception #363)
  • Use named anchors (perhaps even automatically anchor <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, ... tag) so you can have stable # links within the documentation and linking from the outside

Demo diagrams

You can use a new special tag <plantuml> for diagrams.


The result is that the PlantUML source is shown, followed by the diagram:

User -> Wiki : document, document, document...

Please report any bugs to or here.
This website is still in beta testing.