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Following the work from Brett Schwarz, we have integrated several themes into the main core library.

Since those themes are included into the library, it is working out of the box: you don't need to install anything on your side. You just have to use the !theme directive:

!theme spacelab
class Example {
  Theme spacelab

!theme spacelab
a -> b
b -> c

List of available themes

You can list all available themes from your PlantUML library:

help themes

You can see examples of some Puml Themes made by Brett Schwarz on the Theme Gallery.

Coloring message with some procedures included on some theme

Some theme includes some procedures, to help coloring message, as:
  • $success("<msg>")
  • $failure("<msg>")
  • $warning("<msg>")


!theme spacelab
Bob -> Alice :  hello
Bob <- Alice :  $success("success: hello B.")
Bob -x Alice :  $failure("failure")
Bob ->> Alice : $warning("warning")

Local themes

You can create your own theme on your local file system. You can duplicate any existing theme to create your own one.

By default, a theme file is named puml-theme-foo.puml where foo is the name of the theme.

To invoke a local theme, you have to use the following directive:

!theme foo from /path/to/themes/folder

Themes from the Internet

Other repositories can also publish themes for PlantUML.

Theme files must follow the same convention: puml-theme-foo.puml where foo is the name of the theme.

To use a theme from a remote repository, you have to use the following directive:

!theme amiga from

If you find any interesting theme, you can also propose a pull request so that we integrate this theme into the main core library.

Theme Gallery

For a gallery of all the PlantUML theme, you can see on Theme Gallery.

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