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Translation of the menus

Sequence 시퀀스
Use Case 유스케이스
Class 클래스
Activity 액티비티
Component 컴포넌트
State 상태
Object 객체
Deployment 배치
Timing 타이밍
What's New ? 새소식
Getting Started 시작하기
Running 사용하기
F.A.Q. F.A.Q.
Dedication 헌정
Download 다운로드
Forum 포럼
Preprocessing 전처리
Commons 일반 사항
Standard Library 표준 라이브러리
Site Map 사이트 맵
PDF Guide PDF 가이드
External Links 외부 링크

Translation of the menus

Sequence Sequence
Use Case Use Case
Class Class
Activity Activity
Component Component
State State
Object Object
Deployment Deployment
Timing Timing
Home Home
What's New ? What's New ?
Getting Started Getting Started
Running Running
F.A.Q. F.A.Q.
Dedication Dedication
Download Download
Forum Forum
Preprocessing Preprocessing
Commons Commons
Standard Library Standard Library
Site Map Site Map
PDF Guide PDF Guide
External Links External Links

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