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PlantUML now can generate diagrams other than UML. In such cases the usual @startuml does not make sense anymore. So now we allow diagrams start with @startXYZ and finish with @endXYZ, where XYZ can change with the type of diagram and can be any characters (including spaces).

This means that plugin developers are encouraged to change their code to recognize @start instead of @startuml.

DOT diagrams are usually formatted as @startdot...@enddot.


You can use the DOT language to create directed graphs (see a Gallery of examples). (Note: PlantUML uses Graphviz/DOT for layout of UML diagrams anyway.)

This allows you to use Graphviz/DOT with all tools that support PlantUML.

You can use @startdot/@enddot or @startuml/@enduml to delineate the diagram, and then the very first line has to be: digraph XYZ {.

Here are some examples:

digraph foo {
  node [style=rounded]
  node1 [shape=box]
  node2 [fillcolor=yellow, style="rounded,filled", shape=diamond]
  node3 [shape=record, label="{ a | b | c }"]

  node1 -> node2 -> node3

digraph foo {
 PlantUML -> Dot [label=use];

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